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The money’s out there for the right companies and for the right founders.

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups/ Ventures 

We watched Steve Barsh (from DreamIt Ventures) interviewing Jason Calacanis last month about fundraising in these challenging times. Probably one of the best interviews  we have seen about the real state of fundraising over the pandemic. 

Don’t let the pandemic intimidate you. The money’s out there for the right companies and for the right founders.

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So gelingt die Ausgliederung
eines Geschäftsbereichs

Unternehmensverkauf/ -nachfolge / M&A 

Einen Geschäftsbereich auszugliedern und zu verkaufen, planen gerade viele Unternehmen. Doch wann ist ein Carve-out sinnvoll – und wie ermittelt man den Preis, wenn es für den Bereich noch gar keine Finanzkennzahlen gibt?

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10 tech trends to watch may have a long-lasting impact beyond the pandemic

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups/ Ventures 

Here are 10 technology trends that can help build a resilient society, as well as considerations about their effects on how we do business, how we trade, how we work, how we produce goods, how we learn, how we seek medical services and how we entertain ourselves.


Coronavirus - Many ot the most iconic companies were forged and shaped during difficult times

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups/ Ventures 

This video ist about ensuring the health of your business while dealing with potential business consequences of the spreading effects of the virus.

As Darwin surmised, those who survive "are not the strongest or the most intelligent, but the most adabtable to change."


5 startup mistakes
when finding investors

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups/ Ventures 

5 startup mistakes when finding investors: 1) Fundraising to hire the essential team 2) Requesting an NDA 3) Approaching the wrong kind of investors 4) Trying to raise too much money 5) Showing that you’re desperate


Philanthropische / Impact Investments 

Founded by late Dr Luc Hoffmann in 1994, MAVA is a Swiss-based philanthropic foundation with a focus on biodiversity conservation. Running three region-based programmes in Switzerland, the Mediterranean and West Africa, and a fourth programme focused on Sustainable Economy, we work through partnerships with international, national and local NGOs, research institutions and universities, and occasionally with government bodies or individuals ...


Fashion said yes to sustainability

Philanthropische / Impact Investments 

Traceability in the supply chain, combating climate change, efficient use of water, energy and chemicals, and a more respectful and safe work environment. In the last year, the fashion business has ...

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How to grow a Small Business

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups/ Ventures 

Channels of growth that have worked for them; 1) Search Engine Marketing - Leveraging moment of intent 2) SEO - 1st SEM 2nd SEO, because SEO is a ton of work 3) Engineering as Marketing 4) Content Marketing - Focusing mostly on YouTube, blogs also work, kinda... (Took years, spending 5k monthly)


Don't sell your Start-Up too early!

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups/ Ventures 

Selling your Start-Up too early could kill it!

Millenial investors.JPG

What makes millenial investors tick?

Philanthropische / Impact Investments 

The millennials’ approach to investing is different and clever – and, unsurprisingly, influenced by technology and by their social and political concerns.

how to write a killer pitchdeck.JPG

How to write a killer startup pichdeck

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups/ Ventures 

Your pitchdeck should not have not more than 15 slides! ...

how to grow a business.JPG

How to grow a small business

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups/ Ventures 

Traction: How any Startup can achieve explosive customer growth!

19 Channels to acquire customers: ...

15 startups.JPG

15 Startups
with the highest paying jobs

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups/ Ventures 

Thousands of jobs were posted to AngelList in September of 2019. To make sure you didn't miss any high paying roles, we broke down the startups posting the highest paying jobs in September, and listed them (in no particular order) below.

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Clima Change: Canada and Switzland will suffer most!

Philanthropische / Impact Investments 

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a hot or a cold climate, a rich country or a poorer one – unchecked climate change is going to devastate the economy. Canada and Switzerland will suffer most!

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Ziele aus Unternehmenskäufen realisieren

Akquisitionsstrategien umsetzen 

Die Synergien können nicht so gehoben werden wie gedacht, die Wettbewerbssituation hat sich nicht so stark verbessert wie erhofft und auch beim Einzug in neue Märkte hapert es – viele Ziele, die Unternehmen sich für die Zeit nach einer Übernahme vornehmen, stellen sich als schwer erreichbar heraus. 

dirty textiles.JPG

Ending the era of dirty textiles

Philanthropische / Impact Investments 

Sustainability has gained a lot of traction in the textile industry over the last few years. Purchase decisions are no longer only made on the basis of fashion and comfort. Consumers are increasingly demanding more eco-friendly textiles.

Multiple Arbitrage.JPG

Multiple Arbitrage geht zu Ende

Unternehmensverkauf/ -nachfolge / M&A 

Wende am M&A-Markt: Der Rückenwind steigender Unternehmensbewertungen ebbt ab. Private-Equity-Häuser sind an der gefürchteten Multiple-Klippe angekommen.


Noch nie ein Unternehmen gekauft

Akquisitionsstrategien umsetzen 

Wir wollen mit unserem bestehenden Unternehmen wachsen und denken daran ein anderes Unternehmen zu kaufen. Da wir dies noch nie gemacht haben, wissen wir nicht was auf uns zukommt. Dieses Video gibt einen kurzen Überblick und wertvolle Hinweise.


Start Up Fundraising 101

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups/ Ventures 

Convertible Notes, Equity and Startup Funding Explained

Finding a co founder.JPG

Finding a Co Founder

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups/ Ventures 

How to Find a CoFounder: Starting a Business as a solo founder

Seed funding for start ups.JPG

Seed Funding for Start Ups

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups/ Ventures 

Seed Funding for Startups is hard: How to raise venture capital as an entrepreneur

Unternehmer sind sterblich.JPG

Auch Unternehmer sind sterblich

Unternehmensverkauf/ -nachfolge / M&A 

Viele Unternehmer schieben das Thema Unternehmensnachfolge auf die lange Bank. Dadurch gefährden sie oft ihr Lebenswerk. Denn ausser der Suche nach einem geeigneten Nachfolger erfordert auch die Unternehmensübergabe Zeit.

sustainable oceans.JPG

Innovative Ocean Financing

Philanthropische / Impact Investments 

The blue economy is of growing importance and gaining momentum amongst policymakers across the world. This is not surprising as the ocean is a significant wealth generator estimated at an annual value of $1.5 trillion per year, making it the world’s seventh largest economy.

Social Entrepreneurship.JPG

What is a Social Entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneurship 

Understanding what a Social Entrepreneur is.


Verkäufer sitzen am längeren Hebel

Unternehmensverkauf/ -nachfolge / M&A 

Das Pendel am Nachfolge-Markt schlägt nach wie vor zu Gunsten der Verkäufer aus – und diese Verhandlungsmacht zeigt sich auch in den Verkaufsverträgen. ...

Lifebrain Video.JPG

Wachstumsstrategie der Lifebrain

Akquisitionsstrategien umsetzen 

Beispiel einer erfolgreichen Wachstumsstrategie durch Akquisitionen ... 

reasons why start ups succeed.JPG

Reasons why Start Ups succeed

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups / Early Stages 

Gemäss Bill Gross tragen die identifizierten Erfolgsfaktoren in der nachfolgenden Reihenfolge zum Erfolg eines Startup bei: Timing (42%); Team (32%); Idee (28%); Business Model (24%); Finanzierung (14%)

Nike of Afrika.JPG

"Nike of Africa"

Social Entrepreneurship 

This African entrepreneur started a footwear business to give meaning to the lives of the many impoverished artisans in her community. The footwear which is made out of condemned tyres have become a global brand that is sold in up to 30 countries worldwide.

Art of pitching.JPG

Art of Pitching

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups / Early Stages 

Die Kunst des erfolgreichen Pitchens ... 


Soundwave - Pitch Deck

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups / Early Stages 

Before being acquired by Spotify, Soundwave scaled its Android and iPhone app to over 1.5 million users across 190 countries in 14 languages, tracking over 150 million song plays.


Worse than plastic - overfishing

Philanthropische / Impact Investments 

If the ocean was an economy, it would be the seventh largest in the world. But instead of fostering it as a resource, humans are jeopardising its future – using it as a garbage dump and fishing it dry.


Yammer - Pitch Deck

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups / Early Stages 

Yammer has secured more than 7 million users, including employees from 85 percent of the Fortune 500 companies. Founded in 2008, Yammer is now a part of Microsoft. $142M in 5 Rounds from 18 Investors.

Business Plan.JPG

Harward Business Review: BP

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups / Early Stages 

Der Business Plan der Harward Business Review für Start Ups ....

Start up deals.JPG

Distribution of Start Up Deals 

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups / Early Stages 

Die Verteilung der Start Up Deals in Europa ...

Skills for the future.PNG

Skills for the future

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups / Early Stages 

Welche Fähigkeiten braucht es in der Zukunft ....


UNO Sustainable Development Goals

Philanthropische / Impact Investments 

he Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice. The Goals interconnect and in order to leave no one behind, it ís important that we achieve each Goal and target by 2030.


Atlantic Sapphire

Philanthropische / Impact Investments 

An philanthropic investment opportunity ...


UBER - Pitch Deck

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups / Early Stages 

Das erste Pitch-Deck von UBER .... 


Fintech: What's real and what's hype

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups / Early Stages 

Fintech .... Was ist real und was ist nur ein Hype ....

These countries.JPG

International aid Scores/ Development

Philanthropic / Impact Investments 

These countries give the most aid - and are the most principled about it ...


Nette Worte sind nicht mehr genug

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups / Early Stages 

Idealismus ja, aber wenn der sich auszahlt, dann auch für mich ...

Konzerne  beim Kauf.JPG

Auf was Start Ups zu achten haben

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups / Early Stages 

Konzerne lechzen nach einer Auffrischung ihrer Innovationspipeline durch Start-ups – und greifen dafür immer öfter zum Mittel der Übernahme.Dieser Artikel gibt aber auch gute Hinweise auf was Start-Ups bei der Suche nach einem strategischen Kapitalgeber zu achten haben.



Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups / Early Stages 

Der nachhaltige Trinkhalm zum Anbeissen.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Switz

Mapping: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups / Early Stages 

Key Issues of Mapping Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Switzerland are:

Fourth Industrial Revolution / Education and Skills / Workforce and Employment / Innovation / Information Technology / Entrepreneurship / Family Business

Gender Parity.JPG

100 years till we get gender parity

Philanthropische / Impact Investments 

Things are slowing down ...

Die Risiken ....PNG

Digitalisierung - Risiken - Chancen

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups / Early Stages 

"Die Risiken sind gross aber die Chancen grösser ...."

My Swiss Chocolate.JPG

My Swiss Chocolate

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups / Early Stages 

Erfolgsgeschichte ...

Impact Investment.PNG

Mapping Impact Investment

Philanthropic / Impact Investment 

Key Issues of Mapping Impact Investing are:

Future of Economic Progress / Family Businesses / Circular Economy / Blended Finance / Youth Perspectives / Banking and Capital Markets / Private Investors / Financial and Monetary Systems / Institutional Investors

Why Venture Capital.JPG

Modular Farming

Philanthropic / Impact Investment 

Why Venture Capital likes Modular Farming ...


Improve inclusion in Philanthropy

Philanthropic / Impact Investment 

3 Ways to Improve Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Philanthropy


Introducing gender lens investing

Philanthropic / Impact Investment 

Introducing gender lens investing - it's more than pink-washing.


Capsule Hotel

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups / Early Stages 

Eine innovative Hotelidee ....


The WEB has and will change our lives

Kapitalbeschaffung für Start Ups / Early Stages 

4 ways the web has changed our lives and will shape our future ...


Fixing a Major Issue in India

Social Entrepreneurship 

The Social Entrepreneur Fixing a Major Issue in India

Stiftung Feriengestaltung.png

Feriengestaltung für Kinder Schweiz

Social Entrepreneurship 

Stiftung Feriengestaltung für Kinder Schweiz


Learn Easy with UNIPORT

Social Entrepreneurship 

Learn Easy with UNIPORT ....


Become a Social Entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneurship 

We believe in the power of social entrepreneurship to decrease unemployment, increase female participation across fields, and bring education. We want to share what we have learnt with you to become a successful social entrepreneur. ...

Academic Art.jpg

Academy of Culinary Arts - Cambodia

Social Entrepreneurship 

Sample for Social Entrepreneurship ...


Seabin Foundation

Social Entrepreneurship 

Sample for Social Entrepreneurship ... For Cleaner Oceans.


Aiducation International

Social Entrepreneurship 

Sample for Social Entrepreneurship ... 

Social Entrepreneurship.PNG

Mapping Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship 

Key Issues of Mapping Social Entrepreneurship are:

Innovation / Workforce and Employment / Blended Finance / Human Rights / Education, Gender and Work / Entrepreneurship / Values / Public Finance and Social Protection / Civic Participation / Financial and Monetary Systems

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